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Nightwing v1 044 - Nite-Wing 04

The Stalkers.

Now, it's the time to simplify the story.
Nite-Wing visits to the Police Commander (Francis Redhorn) who ensnared him to discuss this matter with him (it turns out that Redhorn didn't know about Torque, however, he sent the SWAT team).

Then Nite-Wing asks the Blockbuster files in exchange for Redhorn's life.
Meanwhile, Oracle reports to Nightwing Oracle report what she has cleared out about Mac Arnot, the rookie cop: He has had a criminal record for violent crime; in addition he is son in law of a sub-gangster from Gotham. Oracle once again has taken down a load of money from account of Blockbuster who is mad again for it.
The corrupt police chief feels himself in trouble enough because he has released the Blockbuster files, so he goes away and entrusts the management to Mac Arnot.
Nightwing and Nite-Wing decide to visit Blockbuster by assistance of the files, but Grimm (the gorilla) settles them.

Looking back, it is pretty exaggeration to say that the story has been simplified (I hasn't wrote yet about the Bendel-White thread), but at least it is clear from the focus moment what is important in the moment.
The drawer is not Greg Land, but Patrick Zircher, and it shows.
The original Hungarian blog post is here.

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