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Birds of Prey v1 032 - The Big Romance 02

The Stray.

So Jason Bard has been captured by Ra's al Ghul,
and they are just preparing ​​to kill him when Dinah intervenes and rescues Jason from her suitor's hand.

Dinah explains Ra's about Bard's diving action that he has obviously come to say goodbye, and he wanted to surprise her. But even Dinah does not believe that, and she calls Bard to account. Jason warns Black Canary that her suitor is none other than the demon's head, Ra's Al Ghul, but Dinah does not believe him. However, she realizes that Bard was commissioned by Oracle, so she gets mad at Barbara too.

So the mission is failed, and Jason has to flee the men of Al Ghul who has also realized of course that Bard didn't want to surprise Dinah.

(At a frame, It also turns out that vengeful Bane still destroys Al Ghul's Lazarus pits.)
The rest of the booklet is practically not involving more than Bard escapes the demon's head's men. After a lengthy car chase, he arrives to ruins of fortified abbey.

Of course, Barbara has a detailed description of the abbey (or she has downloaded from the net, whatever) by which she creates a 3D computer model of the abbey making it easy to manage Jason

for ambushing his pursuers,

until a locked gateway.

It is a dead end. Never mind, using a mini-camera as periscope, Jason takes care the residue.

Well actually that's it. Chuck Dixon's story is simple, pleasant, but nothing special and it looks like pretty alibi (at the next booklet, it will turn out to be completely alibi). Mike McDonnell's draws are still pretty awful.

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