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Showcase '96 03 - Lois Lane - Black Canary - Oracle

This is not a Birds of Prey story in principle, namely the team is called Birds of a Feather in the subtitle. By the way Black Canary is shining in her new outfit (with the bird emblem) and Oracle is her dispatcher. As is apparent from the title Lois Lane, Superman’s girlfriend joins the team temporarily.

Otherwise the story is simple as a wedge of. In medias res we find ourselves in the middle of a fight, and we never learn that Lois and Dinah is actually how get to there. After they has smashed everybody and known each other they quickly are captured by the chief evil (Foreman) who can defeat some others with his electric like super power and makes them work in slavery. Our heroines freed from bondage with help of one slave, and they are involved (rather passively) in defeating the villain. Well, that's it. Even noteworthy thing is a reference to Dinah and the Green Arrow relationship in a frame.

Author: Jordan B. Gorfinkel, drawer: Jennifer Graves. The drawings are pretty mediocre, but at least it is not bad. The panel editing is the most boringly traditional. The booklet has two other stories, but those have nothing to do with our heroes.
Update: This adventure was a kind of trial mission of the team to win the readers, and then they can go forward to the first real mission.

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