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Birds of Prey v1 027 - Officer Down 03

Armed and Dangerous.

So the superhero squad (Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, Azrael, and Oracle) has gathered at Gordon's bed.
Here they agree to look for Catwoman because even if she was not the culprit, she must have seen the gunman.

Batman stays for grieving at Gordon's bed as a speechless statue, to which Oracle makes a few sarcastic comments.

While our super heroes are trying to get Catwoman's track by examining some bad guy, the police are looking for witnesses without any result.

Catwoman turns out that she prepares to steal the Miayaki emeralds from an exhibition.

So our heroes are waiting to be ready for deployment against the museum entrance. And they are not in vain. Soon, a hot woman asks permission to go in, she claims that her car has broken down and she would call someone to ask for a ride.

As they turn off the alarm and admit her, she is breaking into with two bikers, but the superhero team has been waiting for her.

After a short fight, the wig is removed,

and it turns out she's not Catwoman, but Harley Quinn. But it's okay because she knows where Catwoman is, and she also says it that if they promise that they will not hurt her (Catwoman). Unfortunately she has forgiven to specify that they do not hurt her (Harley).

Well, that's it. The third part of the story is so heavily flatten out (not that it would have been frantically rushing). Let's just say Chuck Dixon already is master of the storyflatting out. A. Steven Harris's draws are nice (especially Harley fits under his pencil), but he does not make the flat plot much more enjoyable (and in this case he has to help his writer as Dale Eaglesham did it in the Batgirl's issue). However, it is something what I can not leave without comment. This is not a Birds of Prey booklet, even less than the previous has not been really Robin booklet, because Black Canary does not appear in it, and the team is Birds of prey with only her, without her, Oracle is Oracle only (in addition she is not in a lot).
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