2014. február 14., péntek

Nightwing 053 - Officer Down 05


Nightwing takes the found gun to Barbara.

Who discovers in few moment but a long pages that the gun was taken during a raid at the triads by inspector Jordan Rich who is actually none other than Jordan Reynolds Chicago gangster.

Nightwing and Barbara schmooze a little, than Batman and Alfred schmooze a lot at Gordon's bed, and then when they go out, the commissioner comes around. Barbara is received the good news and she is rushing to the hospital to her stepfather. Meanwhile, Nightwing takes the gun and the tip to inspector Harvey Bullock.

On the final page, Batman is looking to the Gordons from the outside.

Tear drop.
The plot is now completely stopped. Devin Grayson's story is flat, boring and meaningless. Rick Burchett's draws don't do anything special except the pure illustrate, although the rainy pictures are fared so well. It does not mean anything good about the possible future revving of the plot that we know who the killer is, and it is coming more two parts: (
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