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Joker: Last Laugh 01 - Stir Crazy

Nightwing and Oracle are still dating so they know nothing about the broken out rebellion.
The returning Black Canary is informed firstly of it.

She goes immediately to mission by help of Blue Beetle.

Meanwhile in the Slab, Shilo and Dina (the other) try to resolve the situation. Of course, they only find out now that Joker isn't in his cell, but the shape shifter thing, Chiller was taken back instead of him. Of course, it was not suspicious that another Joker raised a big stink in the diner.
Nightwing's and Oracle's date get to the climax, they discuss the big things of life. Oracle complains that why they adhere to the rules so that if the bad guys do not. According to Nightwing, because then they would not dispense justice but vengeance. However, according to Barbara, they all become vigilante from avenger except her, and now she is a cripple, the guys all can be heroes and she can stay bookworm. And yes, she wants Joker dead (as I mentioned a long time ago, and maybe it is not clear for everyone: in the Killer Joke, Joker paralyzed Barbara, the former Batgirl).

Meanwhile, Joker is steadfastly killing again and again Multi Man that for once he is reborn with a super ability with which he can get rid of the collar which keeps the prisoners' super abilities under control.

After the Succes, Joker, Multi-Man and Hellgrammite freed Doctor Polaris, who able to deliver everybody of the collar by polarizing ability. Hearing about this, the guard decides to deploy the nerve gas as ultimate weapon against the prisoners, although Shilo feels (just to write about it as well) that it comes nothing good from it. Indeed, as a result of a fatal accident, the nerve gas is the last component of Joker Venom in addition to the chemicals which has been given to the prisoners to keep their super skills under control, so by the time the cloud of gas ceases, all the prisoners are Jokerised.

The dating couple arrives home at this moment and Barbara is shocked by the sight that what she has missed.
At the last picture, Batman is watching the Slab Island from the distance while the laughter is heard so far.

Actually, Chuck Dixon and Scott Beatty cleverly solved the task. Joker's breakout action quite cleverly took the bulk of the booklet so that while the plot was virtually standing. It was a little bit affecting seriousness by Barbara and Nightwing. The Shilo and Dina thread is perfectly useless and rather uninteresting as well. I suspect the latter was written by Scott Beatty. It was quite annoying that the essence of the booklet, the Joker Venom theme wasn't overexplained (and I was tender). It was a lot of the time till I found out it roughly that why the super evils were jokerised by the nerve gas (I'm not entirely sure even now).
Pete Woods' draws are alike as the last time.
The original Hungarian blog post is here.

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