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Young Justice 038 - Stuff Happens

Last Barf!

Of course, the crossover does not only contain its 6+1 parts, but twentysome tie in connect with it. The all is based on the same: the released and Jokerised super villains fill the different comic booklets.
We start at the Young Justice.

The team members are over a hard, Apokolipsian adventure, which took place in the pages of Impulse and Superboy issues as well. They have been spiritually tried by the events, and they are trying to process it now (I do not even try to get into the details). For easing of tension, the jokerised evil clone of Superboy, Match appears to try destroying Wondergirl. He acts like an idiot and finally opens the gas-tap to blow up his chosen victim in a "romantic" dinner. No one appears that he is not Superboy (I did not even realize it), but when Wondergirl feels the smell of gas and you'll see the match in the hand of Match (Match match, Ha-Ha), well then she tells off him. (Because the mentioning of the match, Match thinks that he has been caught; Ha-Ha again). And she fulminates that whether she how could ever be in love with such an idiot (of course, she thinks of the real Superboy).

Match is shocked by Wondergirl's love and he heads out. And then comes Superboy who had been persuaded the great things of life with Supergirl until now. Wondergirl asks him to forget what she just said (to Match); it is not difficult for Superboy.

As I mentioned at the beginning, our heroes are chewing their different psychological problems over in the most part of the booklet (Robin has been hurt by Superboy and the others, Impulse and the newly joined Slobo are struggling with the fear of death). So I can't say that the lot of action brings forward the story. Nevertheless, the writer, Peter David manages quite well the situation. This stupidity with Match occupies only a few pages for the sake of the stress, although, I do not think that it was really necessary. I think David needed this jokerised thing like a hole in his head, when he wanted her back in the middle of this thingto finish the Apokolipsian thread and didn't need an alibi issue. I can say about Todd Nauck's draws just like Pete Woods': distinctive, slightly stylized and energetic; in any case, I like it more (although it is less realistic). Thanks to the creative duo, the booklet not only wants to be youthful but more or less it can be.
Service Notice: It includes Secret, Empress and Red Tornado too, I labeled them too.
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