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Birds of Prey v1 036 - Canary Caged

The Early Worm Gets the Bird!

At last, you can know what's happened to Black Canary, after she penetrated into the Slab.
Well, it's nothing special. Joker's men captured her and then she escaped by her canary-cry.

Joker sent two earless super-evils, Hellgrammite and Copperhead after her. The fugitive Black Canary meets a fugitive Slab employee who tells her about Joker's brain tumor and after he has passed the necessary information, he is caught and eaten by Hellgrammite. Then Black Canary arranges his pursuers by using a (not her panty)hose in seconds.

But then Shadow Thief attacks her, he's a little bigger thing, but three pages are enough for him.

After she has arranged her all pursuer, it arrives the commando of the Justice League: Superman, Batman and Mary Marvel. Black Canary is suspected that the lightning is inversely on Mary Marvel's tunic. Of course, since she is really the hallucinatory, Spellbinder, and she knock out Black Canary.

She does not remember the rest (Batman and Nightwing saved her) telling to Oracle and Blue Beetle.
Well, Chuck Dixon apparently dedicates his all energy to the main thread of the crossover. Never mind, nevertheless it is not so bad, at least you do not have to read a lot, and it really connects with the main plot. The drawer is new, James Fry. His draws are pretty good, energetic, and dynamic. He can draw Canary's bottom best (He almost reaches Greg Land's quality).

(and especially the sprinkler pipe picture, above)
Her breasts, however, not so much:

But I don't want to be unfair: her face is very beautiful:

And anyway.

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