2014. május 8., csütörtök

Nightwing 062 - Midnight Madness

The Slab under Siege!

Now you can find out what happened after that Nightwing had penetrated into the slab
(although so far I’ve thought that we have known). Well, it happens mostly nothing. In half of the booklet, he ponders about his relationship with Joker. He recalls the Killing joke,

and the death of the second Robin (the first was he), Jason Todd. Of course, he does not get anything except establishing of facts. Then he fights Meathead, which is a little funny

but mostly disgusting.

Well, Chuck Dixon exerts himself even less than in the previous issue, and besides, I had to read more. But why? The only good thing is the close connection to the main thread of the crossover. The new drawer, Staz Johnson is good average. The action sequences he can draw the best. The faces are more moderate, although he can draw some basic facial expressions but not the more complicated.

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