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Joker: Last Laugh 05 - Mad, Mad World

Acid Reign!

After Harley Quinn has produced the antiserum, she takes hostage Man-Bat and demands to bring her to Joker
(it's a bit confusing, since she was evacuated here to request from Joker's suitors), but rather she is taken to jail.
Huntress penetrates to Arkham Asylum by Oracle's management. At the entrance, Ventriloquist and his puppet, Scarface (both jokerized) wait her.

Huntress makes them harmless by her antiserumed arrows makes them harmless, and continues the penetration. It turns out that she comes to rescue of Robin, who has captured the jokerized madmen.
Shilo and Dina are still trapped in the middle of nowhere and they are trying to break out from the Slab by Mr. Mind's help, while they take care of the attacking King Shark.
Black Canary carries the bad news to Barbara that Joker's brain tumor was only a joke. However, the possibility arises that if they communicate the news to Joker, perhaps he calms down, although they do not believe it.
The JLA representatives, Batman, the Martian Manhunter, and Plastic Man arrive at the Easter Islands but only find there Joker's to do list, which was originally a Testament.

In Gotham, Nightwing and Azrael are holding the front when Warp opens a dimension gate next to them and he and Mammoth pull Nightwing through it. Joker stitches a message to his chest that he (Joker) will wait Batman for a date in Gotham Cathedral, and Nitwhing is sent back with it to Azrael.

Meanwhile, Huntress penetrates into Arkham Asylum where she is attacked by the jokerized madmen. However, she can escape under the guidance of Oracle. Robin, however, has gone.

While in the Slab, Shilo and Dina Bell find Multi Man, he was depressed to death by the falling over Black Mass in the previous booklet (but I didn't write about it), and he now finally resurrects in his normal size. It is time, that they shot him to death while he has adequate superpower.

Huntress is going in the basement (or rather dungeon), Killer Croc's lair.

Fighting in the water, she sees Robin's ripped clothes.

She is sufficiently mad because of it,

And she takes care of Killer Croc. And you can concern about Robin (after all, one has died from them, well why not two?)
Although the plot is not well advanced, Chuck Dixon and Scott Beatty amusingly enough wove the story threads. In any case, it is obvious that the the story wich has started global but it returns to Gotham and becomes a Batman and Joker confrontation (Well, therefore is not a crisis). However, it is pretty nasty stuff that it becomes nothing from the previous booklet's cliffhanger, the crazy rain (only is a weather report in a frame), even it is on the front page as well. Ron Randall's draws are also enjoyable. He has problems of some facial expression,

but in general, they are also right.

His Huntressed pages are especially well (somehow Huntress is good at every drawers).
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