2013. szeptember 17., kedd

Birds of Prey - Wolves

We open with an obligatory (alibi) action: Dinah arranges a bad little girl, who does nothing in the rest of the story. From there Oracle's and Canary's stories run in two separate threads. Barbara (Oracle) is attacked while she is going to her car by wheelchair. She falls onto the road in front of a car, which is driven by a blonde gentleman and he takes her on a date.

Meanwhile Dinah is visited by her ex-husband, Craig, who is in big trouble (lower frame). The Ukrainian mafia looks for some money at him (just a misunderstanding, of course), and oops, he is been found. So they flee together. From here Oracle's date and Dinah's flight take the large part of the booklet. And then we find out that Craig had stolen the mafia indeed, because Dinah will kick the gangsters' asses. The blond guy wants to rob Barbara and also he is organized the street attack. Then they kick ass of both of their boyfriends:

Well, that's it, the all men are bastards and they just take advantage of women. Women's topic has been checked. This was a pity to waste 40 pages. The author is still Chuck Dixon, the artist is new again, Dick Giordano. So far, he has the most feminine-looking Dinah.
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