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Birds of Prey v1 001 - Hellhound 01

Long time gone.

It comes a big moment in the life of the team (or rather in the life of their comic book) and they have an ongoing series. They immediately begin with a three-part mini-series. Interestingly, however, the mini-series does not have title the Hellhound has been chosen by me after the main villain's name. Before we get started into the story itself I have a few words about the front page. It will be regular practice to insert the Birds of Prey title block in something funny sentence, like this for example: "Breaking hearts and faces monthly the Birds of Prey." There are two other symbols appearing on the cover. One of this is the clock, which refers to Oracle's hideout in Gotham clock tower. It often appears on the covers. The other is a kind of tribal mask. This is the symbol and it connects to origin of Oracle in some way (not Barbara Gordon, and not in the least Batgirl, but Oracle).
After this entire introduction, let's get into it:

It has really passed long time (We are in January 1999, the two previous booklets were from 1998, the Wolves and the Revolution were from 1997, and the others were from 1996), because Dinah's hair has grown. Dinah has a little problem with that Oracle watching her with cameras but she does not even see her partner. But she easily acquiesces in this unlike in the Spellbindered episode (in which, after all, it was not she).
Meanwhile a young couple is fleeing from a weird-looking guy, Hellhound and his dogs.
We back to the girls. Oracle sends Dinah to Rheelasia where it has formed a power vacuum which allures the darkest lads. And the darkest of all is the drug lord Jackie Pamerjanian alias Jackie Pajamas. Reed Montel arrives to him. And Dinah comes too by a luxury ocean liner (it seems not urgent, or isn't it flight?). Meanwhile, three things turn out about Oracle, somebody wachts her with a camera she regularly chats with a nick named Beeb and she regularly hacks the Pentagon to use its IT systems. It’s a major in there (the Pentagon) who is mad for this and he wants to catch her anyway. Dinah finally arrives to the Caribbean island (because Rheelasia is it). She immediately breaks into pajamas at night, and here she finds a great collection of cut-off ears and fingers. Oracle sees everything too with a camera, so she sees Reed Montel and finds that he is not it, but Jason Bard, who was her fiancé. Meanwhile, pajama's men are trying to expose Canary.

And already it's over. Well, that's it. Chuck Dixon has thoroughly outlined a base of a story (and some later thread). Surprisingly, it is almost no action. Greg Land has returned to artist from the second earlier booklet. Apparently they told him that Dinah's spreading was a little bit obscene, so he forbears from doing these now.
The oroginal hungarian blogpost is here.

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