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Birds of Prey - Manhunt 02

Girl Crazy.

The Manhunt is continuing.
In the Cliffhanger of the first part Catwoman appeared, so the second part opens with this.
It turns out that she (Catwoman) helped Braun (the main evil) with eliminate the security system of the mint (which was robbed by Braun). But Braun didn’t pay her. Canary and Catwoman immediately begin to taste each other, but the police get there, and they have to run. So they prig Braun’s car (Catwoman prigs it). Off course they immediately quarrel with each other that who sits (exactly who doesn’t sit) back. Huntress is the loser. Meanwhile Oracle always worries in Canary’s earrings: Oh my dear, do not go out to play with a bad girl like Catwoman! Mean time Huntress takes care of the policemen (but nothing deathly off course). And they find a bill, which points out, that Braun went to the airport. Oracle considers this matter to be closed for her part. She would like to order Canary to home and would let the police to arrange everything. Canary is totally fed up with Oracle’s whining, so she removes her earrings and gives those Catwoman for preserve. At the Airport they just reach Braun’s car (with Braun), which prepares to drive in a carrier plane. Canary immediately jumps on the other car,

so she gets in the plane and in Braun’s captivity. The girls' car was shot out Braun’s men with bazooka. Off course they have no harm. Now that the two have remained, Catwoman and Huntress start on each other. After some good quips and breaking a hotel room Catwoman remembers that she knows Braun’s one connection, who can tell them where to go Braun with Canary. So they break in this person. Here Huntress is pounced by dogs and security guards; Catwoman is attacked by the dude’s wrestler nurse. At the same time Oracle realizes that Canary is not only in captivity, but she can only give, not take (I mean in the radio). So everybody's in the biggest trouble. This is an ideal point to complete the episode, but even more a page and a joke is inserted.
Well, this part of the story (still Chuck Dixon) is quite simple and straight, with not too much and not too serious action. The jokes improve it a little, but the story is still quite vague. The artist Matt Haley is really on his mettle: exciting panel edition and very dramatic drawing.
His pencil is the best with Huntress. Canary has too masculine face and Catwoman overacts herself.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot, in a few frames Batman and Robin show themselves just to do nothing but raise the episode’s shine.
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