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Adventures of Superman 597 - Rubber Crutch

Why is this man smiling?

Joker sends his two hostesses to President Lex Luthor and they Jokerize him. As a result, the President begins a country-wide campaign amok.

The campaign train also passes through Smallville, and then Superman comes on the heels of it.

For parrying of Supreman, Luthor shoots some nuclear ballistic missiles, which are forced Superman to disarm them in space.

However, the government does not remain idle: the Vice-President sends these military robots against the President which has been made in Luthor's factory. The robots damage well the campaign train.

Fortunately, Superman returns in time.

He saves Luthor from the robots and then takes him to the STAR lab to cure.
President of the United States is jokerized and starts a campaign amok. It seems very promising basic idea but Joe Casey has been unable to do anything with it. The story is flat and boring, and the actions are totally irrelevant but in principle, Superman saves the Earth from a nuclear disaster, although it is not at all flashy. Derec Aucoin's draws are also flat, sterile and empty.
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