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Flash v2 179 - Smile for the Camera!

Send in the Clowns!

Flash is the fastest man alive. The supporting character is Pied Piper who had been Flash's regular antagonist but improved, however now, he is suspected of murdering his parents and he does not deny the charge.

He is transported to a super safe jail (do not worry, not the Slab), they brought to the same place Flash's another regular antagonist, the severely injured Captain Boomerang from the STAR lab (and our old friend, Gorilla Grodd but it is no role for him now). Flash and his wife are just visiting Piper in the prison, when for jokerized super evils, Deadshot, Deadline, Warp, and The black archer, Merlyn besiege the prison.

Pied and Captain Boomerang are also jokerized who themselves take action immediately. By his flute, Pied tries to deafen flash who quickly removes the instrument from Pied's hand.

However, with Captain Boomerang's wind speed and razor-sharp boomerangs, he can not do anything.

Pied intervenes, attacks the captain who is nearly strangled, but Flash quickly separates them in time.

Pied has regained his human nature during the strangulation, and since the other jokerized super evils have been quickly arranged by Flash, he (Pied) can back to the jail.
The main failing of Geoff Johns' story is not the flat action scenes, but that in principle it would be very dramatic, but it somehow does not come through. In addition, it is a lot of unnecessary text. Scott Kolins' detailed pictures which were drawn by lots of tiny lines are very pleasant, even if it is obvious that he only compensates of his roughness by the tiny lines. However, his draws are unable to add anything to the drama.

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