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Joker: Last Laugh 04 - Everyone knows this is nowhere

Because the story began to flatten out in the previous issue, so Chuck Dixon suddenly divids the plot into five threads.
Unfortunately, the most dominant: the army with Mace's assistance fight against the jokerized super evils is the least interesting. It is none other than non-stop action is performed as unexciting as possible. (Batman goes into a little action too and some super evil intrudes into the Arkham Asylum leaded by Deadshot.)

Dina, the Marshall (not Dinah, the Canary) and Shilo, who with some super evils (Black Mass, Multi Man, Mister Mind) are trapped in the Slab floating in the middle of nowhere, try to get out. The Martian brainworm, Mister Mind offers his help to them, but they need Black Mass who is shot in his head accidentally by Dina.

In the Star lab, Harley Quinn tries to produce the antiserum of the Joker venom. After a few jokes, this is successful.

Black Canary visits to the doctor who has diagnosed Joker's brain tumor to find out more details, but it turns out that it was all a bad joke. The doc just made it up because he was curious to know how Joker reacts to the news. Finally, on the last thread of the story, on the Easter Island, Joker prepares his revenge to President Lex Luthor.

This is mostly fooling until the Cliffhanger on the last page on which it turns out that Joker starts a Joker-Venom-rain cloud starts to the coast of America.

Well, so despite the five-strand, most of the booklet was alibi, but at least Joker's jokes were not as boring as Mace's actions. The cliffhanger was good at the end, but it is pity that we know that Harley has produced the antidote, so we do not worry about it so much. The Joker isn't terminally ill twist would have been good if it has not been already obvious from the beginning that the Joker, one of DC's best main evil won't be killed anyway. The Dina-Shilo thread was definitely the best. The drawer is new again: Andy Kuhn. His action scenes are dynamic enough, but his figures and especially his heads are already over-characterized, malformed. it is most conspicuous at the girls.

Service Notice: It is impossible to mention the all jokerized super-evils, but some: Mace fights against Cerberus, Barrage, Captain Nazi, White Dragon, War Jack, and Kilg%re. Batman fights against DoctorLight. Harley Quinn experiments the anti-dote with Bolt, Floronic Man, and Doctor Sivana. Joker makes Stormfront to create the joker-Venom-cloud, and Rancor is his aide-de-camp.
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