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Birds of Prey v1 007 - Best of Enemies!

The Villain.

At the opening scene, Dinah fights against a guy in prison clothes (or rather she beats him),
and its turns out that Dinah should rescue him. Afterwards, an escape runs through the whole story. Meanwhile, we learn that the prison clothed guy is a fallen dictator. Therefore Dinah hates him so much that she just starts pounding him. He wants a fair trial against himself, so he has been liberated from the prison. Oracle helps to escape from a distance, while she still chats with the mysterious Beeb. The hunt continues firstly on the roofs, and then goes down to the underground (and it's between the two on the street too). After they have thrown off their all pursuers, they drop in a hostel while they are vigorously arguing about whether our prisoner has right for a fair trial at all. Meanwhile, they arrive at the elevator, the door is been opening and ...

Well, that's it all. Dinah is still thinking about the life is strange. She mortally hated this guy, and he sacrificed offhand his life to save her.
Chuck Dixon's story is simple, fast, but serious. It returns to the human rights theme just like at the beginnings. The artist is new again, PeteKrause. His style is similar to Greg Land’s; just it's little bit simpler in the drawing.
Finally, the question is raised that the prologue in the last issue whether referred to this story. It isn't any indication to this, though the girls have tried to rescue a political prisoner indeed.
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