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Birds of Prey v1 011 - Saving Private Dinah 03

State of War.

Saving Private Dinah is coming to the end, so, as usual, it switches to very simplicity.
The U.S. soldiers invade Koroscovan and stumble upon the track of Joe Gardner, the Green Lantern clone who is chasing Dinah with his love. For Oracle's request, Canary pretends to response Joe's feelings that she keeps him to stay in one's place by this that Oracle can aim at him by the satellite death ray.

The action, of course, has no effect, so Oracle has to seek something more effective before the mad Joe would settle Dinah.

And this swishing blue stripe is none other than:

And this Deux ex machina is practically the end of the story, though there are also a few pages of completely needless epilogue, which I prefer to review not.
Dixon and Land absolutely did not force themselves for this flat little thing.
However, the three-part story as a whole is definitely enjoyable. Than in the past, this is the most superhero story and the beginning a change of direction which earlier was indicated by deep messages and human right subject. Although, it has started to release a (supposed) political prisoner as earlier, it has soon converted to a superhero vs. super-evil struggle. Obviously, it's no accident that Dinah's lost super ability, the canary-cry replaces with something now.
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