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Birds of Prey v1 012 - Apokolips 01

Hellbound Train.

A new three-part story begins, which is a semi-continuation of the previous one.

As usual, we open with an action, Dinah throws herself on a speeding train, but she is welcomed by heavily armed U.S.Marshals (they are leaded by another Dina, Bell). Canary immediately uncovers herself that she is actually CIA Justice League agent and comes to prevent a prison break. However, Catwoman put an end the explanations to jump between them.

They quickly settle the marshals, Dinah uses again the Canary-Cry grenade, which replaces with her lost super ability. Meanwhile, of course, they are starting on each others in conformity with Manhuntian tradition. Then it turns out that Catwoman has been charged to eliminate the communication system of the Train by a mysterious person for a bag of diamond. He (or she) is the same, from whom Oracle has been got the tip about the planned prison break (and the same one who persuaded the girls to release Joe Gardner in the previous three part mini). Then, Dinah shoots Catwoman by dazing gun; it's pretty inexplicably for me (maybe it's for lot of little bird). She's caught again by the Marshals.

Exploiting the fact that she does not really have to deal with canary, Oracle is chatting again the mysterious Beeb (who always knows when the most inconvenient). Catwoman is in a cell. Dinah explains away herself, and although they do not want to believe it the planned escape, they show her the prisoners.

Full of Super Evil, Mark Scheffer, aka Shrapnel, Mammoth, DwayneWainwright, Spellbinder, and...

Joe Gardner, the Green Lantern clone.

Once we has learned how dangerous the cargo, the strings puller mysterious figure appears and makes disappear the train accompanied by some light phenomenon. Oracle's computers are burned out, Canary and the others vanish.

In her final desperation, Oracle invokes Powergirl.

It's a familiar story beginning by Cuck Dixon. It's a bit of action, some humor, and powerful complicating of the act (for to simplify it). Surprisingly, the book does not end with the cliffhanger. The drawing is unfortunately not Greg Land, but Dick Giordano. But till now he has been the second best one, so it's not a big problem.
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