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Birds of Prey v1 015

Face Time.

For a change, it starts a new mini-series again without a title, but now I do not give it for this, because I would spoil the punch line.

It seems to return to the Third World Human rights topic again. In the blood-soaked Middle East, the endless war is raging between Karrocan and Qurac. But it soon turns out that this is only news on monitor screens in an IT trade fair. Oracle has arrived to finally meet her mysterious chat partner, Bumblebeeb (that's his name again instead Beeb, it is annoying). Meanwhile, Dinah is trying to fight her mailbox contents at home (unsuccessfully, of course) when her neighbor arrives with enormous black eye.
(From this, it is clear that this issue is engaged the female line, or at least what Chuck Dixon considers to female line.)
The news always shows in the background throughout the story, so you are informed constantly of the situation in the Middle East, so you can learn that the mysterious burnoused peace commissioner of Quarac arrives to speak at the United Nations.
Let’s return to the main line. Dinah is knocking at her neighbor with something ridiculous pretense which immediately goes down to control whether everything is OK, and she offers her support but she is disapproved.

Barbara also comes across Bumblebeeb who is none other than Ted Kord and he is occupied in hardware development. They are Flirting a little bit, and then it turns out that Barbara knows that Ted is actually Blue Beetle, and Ted knows too that Barbara is Oracle (although he has thought till now that Oracle is actually a program).
Dinah is lying on bed and she is watching the news (the peace delegation of Qurac, of course), when she hears scuffle from the next flat. She runs to there (she settles some guards just to be some action in the booklet), but it was too late, the neighbor woman has shot her boyfriend, when he has hit her again.

Barbara and Ted are sitting in a coffee-bar with the news on the background, the peace commissioner of Qurac's voice sounds familiar to Oracke, she looks over and finds that the minister is none other than:

(This is good cliffhanger; I did not even put the Joker among labels not to spoil the punch line.)
Well, I'm pretty ambivalent to the story. It was pretty flat and boring. Furthermore, as I pointed out a couple of times already, I don't think good idea that a man as Chuck Dixon constantly wants to write female subjects. Write a female subject who knows something about it, because it just becomes commonplace collection. But at least he returns to more serious line by this women beating topic (action fans are disappointed). However, the whole story is only an alibi, the point shows through the background. But you can expect it to become more important, because it is quite pronounced, and the punch line is still good, so that's why I raise off my hat to Chuck Dixon. However, it's a new drawing, Butch Guice, and it's immediately obvious that he is no match for Greg Land.
Oh yeah. There is also a page that is in no way related to the story. Dick Greyson (Nightwing) is mounting Barbara door when you see Jason Bard, Barbara's ex-fiancé, who was blinded when he rescued Dinah in the Hellhound. And he asks about Barbara.

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