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Birds of Prey v1 019 - Masks

In the terrible opening scene, Oracle and Robin are facing the monsters attack.

However, it turns out that this is just Oracle's super 3D simulation game. Then soon Dick Greyson arrives to the guys (still Nightwing) with pizza and flowers. They are pleasantly teasing each other about that Oracle still does not know Robin's identity (the actual), and that Robin's dress (the hot shorts) is what a shame (just like in the Movie 43). There another guest arrives who is Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle. After some wrangling, they decide that Dick has to go into hiding. Because Ted knows that Barbara is Oracle, Robin is in mask, however, it would turn out that Dick is in Batman's staff. So they conceal him in the simulation room, where the 3D game runs and it is suck for Dick.

Robin is totally horny to meet the Blue Beetle (would he be so famous?). A fourth guest arrives, Jason Bard, Oracle leaves with him quickly (not to meet with the others). Ted takes his hat and leaves with Robin. And Dick sucks alone in the simulation room :)
Meanwhile, for by thread, Dinah is in some jungly country for to prevent a non-existent nuclear fair again. When:
Lady Vic and her cutler pal, Guillermo Barrera, alias Brutale catch her.
It's continuing on the Nightwing, so it will at the next time.
Well, Chuck Dixon has not overexerted himself. The whole story deals nothing, goes nowhere, it's only an alibi. Though, sometimes, it's really big crap that I have to laugh at it. Butch Guice it is still terrible, as the opening scene shows.
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